Chapter One (draft one)

Loose Ends – novel – Chapter One – draft one – Dawn Hinsley

In hindsight it was a conversation of singular clarity. A significant accomplishment considering the proximity of gun and temple. His gun, my temple.

“Are you Samson Burn?”


“You’ve killed him haven’t you?”


I spoke only to the fire blazing in the grate, too frightened to look directly at him. Just catching glimpses of the weapon in my peripheral vision. My hands were trembling. I’d been waiting all night for him. Now I waited merely for the end.

“Is it over?”

“Not yet”.

The glass I was holding vanished from my grasp, gravity smashing it on the polished wood floor. I felt cold fluid splash through my tights.

“Look at me,” he said.

I shook my head.

“I said look at me”.

I turned my face very slowly. Inching my head around. Gaze, dead straight, unblinking. Until there he was. Face to face. Eye to eye. He frowned. Tilted his head slightly to the left. Gun still in his hand. Still pointing at my head.

“What are you doing here?”

“I work for him”.


“My father worked for him”.

He nodded. Comprehension.

His eyes were different. The others I knew like him had eyes that weren’t so much cold but expressionless – happy, sad, in love, about to kill someone, nothing would change. Impassive. But his eyes were different. A flicker of something. A human? Perhaps I’d just had too much to drink.

“And what do you do for him?”

“Personal Assistant, I guess that’s what you’d call me”.

“Anything else?”

“No. He’s always been very good to me”.

“Is that why you are sat here, in the dark? And not somewhere else, somewhere safe?”

“They said there would be nowhere safe”.


“There are men watching this room. They watch every room. They told me not to leave”.

“Not anymore. There is no-one here now, but you and me”.

“That’s it then”.

He nodded. A measured nod like he’d just that moment comprehended something very profound.

Then he said: “Close your eyes”.


Is you interest piqued? Chapter Two coming this weekend. Feedback encouraged. Thanx



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